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Licentiate seminar, Rahim Rahmani

Licentiate thesis: “Models for quality of service in heterogenoeous networks.”
Date: 2007
Head supervisor:

Dissertation Seminar, Patrik Österberg

Doctoral thesis: “Fair Treatment of Multicast Sessions and Their Receivers: Incentives for more efficient bandwidth utilization”Listen
Date: December 15, 2007
Head supervisor: Prof. Tingting Zhang
Opponent: Dr. Kirk Martinez from university of Southampton, UK

Licentiate seminar, Claes Mattsson

Licentiate thesis: "Fabrication and Characterization of Photon Radiation Detectors"Listen
Date: Monday December 17, 1.15 pm in room O102
Head supervisor: Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson
Opponent: Dr. Mikael Lindeberg - Uppsala Universitet

Dissertation seminar, Cao Cao

Doctoral thesis: ”Automatic Synthesis of Partitioned FSMs Based on Mixed Synchronous/Asynchronous State Memory"Listen
Date: Friday June 15, 1.15 pm, room O111
Head supervisor is Prof. Bengt Oelmann
Opponent: Prof. Peeter Ellervee - Tallinn Technical University

Dissertation seminar, Börje Norlin

Doctoral thesis: ”Characterisation and application of photon counting X-ray detector systems"
ListenDate:Friday June 1, 10.15 am, room O102 (SCA-salen)
Head supervisor: Doc. Christer Fröjdh
Opponent: Prof. Sherwood Parker - University of Hawaii

Dissertation seminar, Jan Lundgren

Doctoral thesis: ”Simulating Behavioral Level On-Chip Noise Coupling"
ListenDate: Wednesday May 30, 10.00 am, room O102 (SCA-salen)
Head supervisor is Prof. Mattias O'Nils
Opponent is Prof. Mark Vesterbacka - Linköping University

Dissertation seminar, Torbjörn Olsson

Doctoral thesis: ”Antenna Robustness Modelling"
ListenDate: Tuesday May 29, 1.15 pm, room O102 (SCA-salen)
Head supervisor: Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson
Opponent: Prof. Manos Tentzeris - Georgia Institute of Technology

Dissertation seminar, Johan Sidén

Doctoral thesis: ”On the Design, Characterization and Optimization of RFID Tag Antennas"Listen
Date: Friday May 25, 1.15 pm, room M108 (Lubbe-salen)
Head supervisor is Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson
Opponent is Prof. Heikki Seppä - VTT, Finland

Dissertation seminar, Xavier Llopart

Doctoral thesis: ”Design and characterization of 64K pixels chips working in single photon processing mode"Listen
Date: Friday May 25, 10.15 am, room M102
Head supervisor: Doc. Christer Fröjdh
Opponent is Prof. Christian Broennimann - SLS Detector Group

Licentiate seminar, Suliman Abdalla

Licentiate thesis: "Architecture and Circuit Design of Photon-Counting Readout for X-Ray Imaging Sensors"Listen
Date: Tuesday May 22, 1.00 pm in room O111
Head supervisor: Doc. Bengt Oelmann
Opponent: Prof. Kenway Smith - Glasgow University.

Licentiate seminar, Linda Karlsson                                

Licentiate thesis: “Spatio-Temporal Pre-Processing Methods for Region-of-Interest Video Coding”Listen
Date: April 27, 2007
Head supervisor: Prof. Tingting Zhang
Assistant supervisor: Dr. Mårten Sjöström and Prof. Youzhi Xu
Opponent: PhD. Apostolos Georgakis, Applied Physics and Electronics, Umeå University

Licentiate seminar, Jon Alfredsson

Licentiate thesis: "Performance of Digital Floating-Gate Circuits Operating at Subthreshold Power Supply Voltages"Listen
Date: Monday January 22, 1.15 pm in room O111
Head supervisor: Doc. Bengt Oelmann
Opponent: Associate Prof. Dag Wisland - Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo

Licentiate seminar, Henrik Andersson

Licentiate thesis: "Development of Process Technology for Photon Radiation Measurement Applications"
ListenDate: Friday January 19, 1.15 pm in room O102
Head supervisor: Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson
Opponent: Doc. Per-Erik Hellström - KTH