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Dissertation seminar, Najeem Lawal

Doctoral thesis: ”Memory Synthesis for FPGA Implementation of Real-Time Video Processing Systems"Listen
Date: Wednesday January 7, 10.30 am, room O102
Head supervisor: Prof. Mattias O'Nils
Opponent: Dr. Khaled Benkrid - University of Edinburgh.

Licentiate seminar, Lisa Nordin

Licentiate thesis: "Measurement and prediction of dewatering characteristics for mechanical pulps using optical fibre analysis"Listen
Date: Wednesday June 17th, 10.00 am in room O102
Head supervisor: Per Engstrand
Assistant supervisor: Mattias O'Nils
Opponent: Annikki Vehniäinen D.Sc ( Tech), Senior Advisor UPM Nanoncenter

Dissertation seminar, Claes Mattsson

Doctoral thesis: "Design, Fabrication and Optimization of Thermal Radiation Detectors Based on Thin Polymer Membranes" Listen
Date: September 18, 13.15 pm in room O113
Head supervisor: Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson
Assistant supervisor: Dr. Göran Thungström
Opponent: Prof. Ylva Bäcklund – Programme Manager ICT VINNOVA.