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Licentiate thesis, Xin Huang

Licentiate thesis: "Sensor Application Privacy and Security"Listen
Date: Monday November 13th, 10.00 am in room O111.
Head supervisor: Prof. Tingting Zhang
Opponent: Dr. Thijs Jan Holleboom

Licentiate seminar, Fredrik Linnarsson

Licentiate thesis: "Wireless Sensor Networks in Loader Crane Applications"Listen
Date: Monday November 1st, 1.00 pm in room O102
Head supervisor: Bengt Oelmann
Opponent: Dr Mikael Gidlund - ABB Corporate research

Dissertation seminar, Linda Karlsson

Doctoral thesis: "Coding for Improved Perceived Quality of 2D and 3D Video over Heterogeneous Networks"Listen
Date: May 27, 10.00 am in room O111
Head Supervisor: Doc. Mårten Sjöström
Opponent: Dr. -Ing. Karsten Müller, Karsten -Fraunhofer Institut für Nachrichtentechnik Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (HHI)

Dissertation seminar, Qinghua Wang

Doctoral thesis: "Traffic Analysis, Modeling and Their Applications in Energy-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks - on network optimization and anomaly detection" Listen
Date: February the 3 rd, 10:00 am in room L111
Head Supervisor: Prof. Tingting Zhang, Mid Sweden University - ITM.
Co-Supervisors: Dr. Stefan Pettersson, Mid Sweden University and Prof. Youzhi Xu, Jönköping University
Opponent: Dr. Yan Zhang, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway.