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Licentiate seminar, Sebastian Schwarz

Licentiate thesis: "Depth Map Upscaling for Three-Dimensional Television - The Edge-Weighted Optimization Concept"Listen
Date: Thursday November 22nd 2012, room O111.
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Mårten Sjöström.
Opponent: Adj. Prof. Atanas Gotchev, Tampere University of Technology.

Licentiate seminar, Omeime Esebamen

Licentiate thesis: “Simulation, Measurement and Analysis of the Response of Electron- and Lateral Position Sensitive Detector"Listen
Date: Wednesday October 10th at 13:15, room O111. Supervisors: Doc. Göran Thungström and Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson.
Opponent: Technology Dr Uwe Zimmermann, Uppsala University.

Licentiate seminar, Abdul Majid 

Licentiate thesis: “Analysis and implementation of Switch Mode Power Supplies in MHz frequency region" Listen
Date: Thursday June 14th at 10.15 pm, room O111.
Supervisors: Associate Prof. Kent Bertilsson and Prof. Bengt Oelmann.

Dissertation seminar, Winnie Wong

Doctoral thesis: ”A Hybrid Pixel Detector ASIC with Energy Binning for Real-Time, Spectroscopic Dose Measurements”  Listen
Date: Wednesday May 30th, 13.00 pm, room O102
Supervisor: Prof. Christer Fröjdh.
Opponent: Dr. Roberto Dinapoli, Switzerland.

Licentiate seminar, Abdul Waheed Malik

Licentiate thesis: “Machine Vision Architecture on FPGA"
Date: Thursday May 31st at 10.00 pm, room M108.

Licentiate seminar, Xiaozhou Meng

Licentiate thesis: “Maintenance consideration for long life cycle embedded"Listen
Date: Thursday May 24th at 10.15 pm, room O102.

Licentiate seminar, Jawad Saleem

Licentiate thesis: “Power electronics for resistance spot welding equipment"Listen
Date: Tuesday May 22nd at 10.15 pm, room O111

Licentiate seminar, Xin Cheng

Licentiate thesis: “Hardware centric machine vision for high precision measurement of reference structures in optical navigation" Listen
Date: Thursday Mars 8th at 13.15 pm, room O102.

Licentiate seminar, Mohammad Anzar Alam

Licentiate thesis: "An Online Surface Topography Characterization Technique for Paper and Paperboard using Line of Light Triangulation"Listen
Date: Februari 9,  kl.10.00 i sal O102.
Supervisor: Prof. Mattias O'Nils