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Dissertation seminar Stefan Forsström

Doctoral Thesis: "Enabling Fully Distributed Global Services on the Internet-of-Things"Listen
Date: Thursday 27th of November 2014 in room L111
Supervisors: Dr. Mikael Gidlund
Opponent: Prof. Antonio Corradi, University of Bologna, Italy


Dissertation seminar Omeime Esebamen

Doctoral Thesis: "Characterization of Interface States & Radiation Damage Effects in Duo-lateral PSDs Using SEM Microscopy and UV Beam Profiling Techniques"Listen
Date: June 17th at 10:30 in room O111
Supervisors: Doc. Göran Thungström and Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson.
Opponent: Professor Harry J Withlow, University of Applied Sciences in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.


Dissertation seminar Khurram Shahzad

Doctoral Thesis: "Energy Efficient Hardware Architecture for Data and Computation Intensive Wireless Monotoring" Listen
Date: June 11th at 10:15 in room M102
Supervisor: Prof. Bengt Oelmann.
Opponent: Professor Teresa Riesgo, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain.


Dissertation seminar Sebastian Schwarz

Doctoral thesis: "Gaining depth - Time-of-flight sensor fusion for three-dimensional video content creation"Listen
Date: June 4th at 10:00 in room L111
Supervisor: Prof. Mårten Sjöström, Dr. Roger Olsson.
Opponent: Prof. Reinhard Koch, Christian Albrechts University Kiel, Germany.


Licentiate seminar Reza Salim

Licentiate Thesis: "Phase-Contrast and Spectroscopic X-ray Imaging for Paperboard Quality Assurance" Listen
Date: May 22nd at 10:15 in room M102
Supervisor: Assistant. Prof. Jan Thim, Assistant Prof. Börje Norlin, Prof. Christer Fröjdh
Opponent: Associate Professor Anna Burvall, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden


Dissertation seminar Meng Xiazhou

Doctoral Thesis: "Technology driven obolescence management for embedded systems"Listen
Date: Thursday, May 15th at 13:15 pm in room O102
Supervisor: Dr. Benny Thörnberg
Opponent: Prof. Jim Tørresen, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway


Dissertation seminar, Wei Shen 

Doctoral Thesis: "A Protocol Framework for Adaptive Real-Time Communication in Industrial Wireless Sensors and Actuator Networks" Listen
Date: Thursday, March 6th at 13:15 am in room L111
Supervisor: Prof. Tingting Zhang
Opponent: Prof. Gerhard Hancke from City University of Hong Kong


Dissertation seminar, Waheed Malik

Doctoral Thesis: "Real-time Optical Position Sensing on FPGA"
ListenDate: Wednesday, January 29th at 10:30 am in room M108
Supervisor: Prof. Mattias O´Nils and Dr. Benny Thörnberg
Opponent: Prof. Daniel Crookes, Queen´s University, Belfast