Measures the fog to predict icing

Save favourite 16 Nov November 2016

A new measurement system that predicts icing has now been installed in Klövsjö. The new equipment can measure the amount of small water droplets in the air, basically measure the fog, to determine if there is a risk of icing on for example wind turbines or power lines.

It is researchers within the research project called FOGGY who have developed the new measurement equipment together with partners like Combitech and Luftfartsverket. 

The equipment uses imaging technologies and advanced sensors that can measure small water droplets in the size of 5-150 micro meter together with wind speed and temperature to determine when it is a risk of icing on objects such as wind turbines or powerlines. The equipment has only been tested in a climate chamber previously and now the equipment is tested for the first time in real conditions. The goal is to commercialize this new measurement system.

Associate professor Benny Thörnberg is the leader of the project and have developed the equipment together with PhD-student Staffan Rydblom and Dr. Patrik Jonsson from Combitech.


FOGGY - A Vision sensor for environmental monitoringin cold climate

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