Digitalization means, in an original and perhaps obsolete definition, that something is transformed from analog to digital in order to be processed by a computer. The technological development has made that the concept now raises questions from the full width of society. Mid Sweden University’s research in the area focuses on opportunities and problems connected to the rapid technological development.

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To Measure the Unmeasurable

The purpose of the project is to design and test a process and model that supports and makes visible the total value of investments in digital solutions, with a focus on welfare solutions, in...

Hybrid Emergency Operation Center

Covid-19 has forced Swedish emergency responders to work remotely using the Internet. But how should this work be conducted if the Internet or electricity is disrupted?

Meet Dr. Nejra Beganovic - New postdoc at STC

Meet our new Postdoc researcher - Dr. Nejra Beganovic. As a young girl she was very interested in technology, an interest that later took her to Germany where she completed her doctoral within the...

Blockchain Lecture

Do you want to know what Blockchain is? Dr. Stefan Forsström at Mid Sweden University gave an open lecture on Blockchain - what it is, and how it can be used in different context. The lecture is in...

AI for Timber Measurment

Can you measure the volume of timber using AI? Listen to Associate Professor Jan Lundgren at STC, who talks about the research collaboration between Mid Sweden University, the University of Salerno...


The project aims to establish the region of Jämtland / Härjedalen, Västernorrland and Tröndelag as one of Northern Europe's centers for additive manufacturing and strengthening companies in the...

Self powered RPM Sensor

The researchers at STC research Center have, together with industrial partners, developed a self-powered wireless RPM sensor, robust enough for tough industrial environments.

Sensors for Measuring High Water Flows

A new type of measurement equipment can make it easier for water companies to detect vents in the sewers and reduce environmental impact when extremely high water flows cause overload of the sewage...

Sensor tests to deliver more medals

By means of advanced sensor tests, researchers can measure exactly where on a track a skier slows down or speeds up. This allows their performance to be analysed and training sessions adjusted. The...

Get control of the office environment

Here you will see a demonstration of Mittuniversity's new Office Tracker. Office Tracker is an office environment sensor system that collects different measurement values in a building to facilitat...

Digitalisering av Industri och Miljö

Den 17 april arrangerar Mittuniversitetet och Bron Innovation en konferens på temat digitalisering av industri och miljö. Dagens huvudtalare digitaliseringsminister Peter Eriksson!

Digital sensors in the hunt for oil spillages

Oil spillages can cause serious harm to lakes and other bodies of water and there are unfortunately often no tools to detect a spillage at an early stage. By means of on-line sensors placed in drai...

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