STC visits Hacettepe University of Turkey

Save favourite 22 Nov November 2018
Dr. Stefan Forsström, Assoc. Prof. Sevil Sen and Dr. Ismail Butun.

In the end of November STC researchers Dr. Stefan Forsström and Dr. Ismail Butun made a research visit to the new partner university, Hacettepe University of Turkey, in Ankara. This visit was a result of a new STINT-project "Intrusion Detection in Industrial Internet of Things".

During the visit, Stefan and Ismail had several meetings with the research team and their leader Assoc. Prof. Sevil at the Hacettepe University of Turkey. Dr. Stefan Forsström also gave a presentation to academicians and students with the topic of "Realizing the IoT vision - In the Intersection of Networks, Devices and Machine Learning". 

This was the first official meeting at Hacettepe University as a start of a new collaboration between the two universities funded by STINT.

The expectations is that both teams excel on "Intrusion Detection Algorithms for Industrial Internet of Things" by merging their research abilities. This excellence is expected to continue by both team's collaboration on further project applications in the near future.

Dr. İsmail Bütün

Dr. İsmail Bütün at STC has been awarded 150,000 SEK from STINT to initiate a joint research collaboration between Mid Sweden University...

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