Half‑time seminar with Mehdi Akbari Saatlu

Fri 10 Jun 13.00–14.30
C306 or via Zoom

Welcome to a half-time seminar with PhD-student Mehdi Akbari-Saatlu from STC Research Center. Title of the seminar is "Advanced Material Structures for Gas Sensing".

Halvtidsseminarium med Mehdi Akbari-Saatlu.

Choose if you like to participate in room C306 at Campus Sundsvall or online on Zoom. 

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Meeting ID: 636 9458 6337


Designing advanced materials at nano-scale is a well-known method to enhance gas sensing performance. In this work, stannous chloride of metal oxides was dissolved in ethanol solvent, as the initial precursor for depositing sensing layer using Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis (USP) method. By this method, different type of metal oxides such as SnO2, TiO2, ZnO, and etc. can be grown on alumina and silicon substrates for gas sensing purposes.

H2S, CH4, and CH3SH are among the targeted gases that needs to be detected in environmental condition. Exposure to even low concentrations of these gases over a long period of time can cause negative effects on human health such as irritation of the nose, eyes, throat and respiratory system.

Therefore, for medical and safety purposes as well as environmental monitoring it is required to have a robust, compact, and high-performance gas sensor. The important parameters for a gas sensor such as sensitivity, selectivity, as well as dynamic parameters has been investigated in this work. The main advantage of the sensor is its inexpensive one step USP based fabrication process on alumina substrate and its relatively high sensitivity in the range of single ppm and sub-ppm concentrations.

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