Mehdi Akbari Saatlu

Doktorand|Doctoral Student

Articles in journals

Hossein-Babaei, Faramarz, and Mehdi Akbari-Saatlu. "Growth of ZnO nanorods on the surface and edges of a multilayer graphene sheet." Scripta Materialia 139 (2017): 77-82.

Gharesi, Mohsen, Mohammad Ansari, and Mehdi Akbari-Saatlu. "Transparent heaters made by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis of nanograined SnO2 layers on soda-lime glass substrates." Materials Research Express 4.7 (2017): 076303.


Articles in journals

Akbari-Saatlu, M. , Procek, M. , Mattsson, C. , Thungström, G. , Törndahl, T. , Li, B. , Su, J. , Xiong, W. & et al. (2022). Nanometer-Thick ZnO/SnO2Heterostructures Grown on Alumina for H2S Sensing. ACS Applied Nano Materials, vol. 5: 5, pp. 6954-6963.  

Li, Y. , Wang, G. , Akbari-Saatlu, M. , Procek, M. & Radamson, H. H. (2021). Si and SiGe Nanowire for Micro-Thermoelectric Generator : A Review of the Current State of the Art. Frontiers in Materials, vol. 8    

Hossein-Babaei, F. & Akbari-Saatlu, M. (2020). Growing continuous zinc oxide layers with reproducible nanostructures on the seeded alumina substrates using spray pyrolysis. Ceramics International, vol. 46: 7, pp. 8567-8574.  

Articles, reviews/surveys

Akbari-Saatlu, M. , Procek, M. , Mattsson, C. , Thungström, G. , Nilsson, H. , Xiong, W. , Xu, B. , Li, Y. & et al. (2020). Silicon Nanowires for Gas Sensing : A Review. Nanomaterials, vol. 10: 11    

Conference papers

Hussain, M. , O'Nils, M. , Lundgren, J. , Akbari-Saatlu, M. , Hamrin, R. & Mattsson, C. (2023). A Deep Learning Approach for Classification and Measurement of Hazardous Gases Using Multi-Sensor Data Fusion. In 2023 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (SAS).  

Akbari-Saatlu, M. , Procek, M. , Thungström, G. , Mattsson, C. & Radamson, H. H. (2021). H2S gas sensing based on SnO2thin films deposited by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis on Al2O3substrate. In 2021 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (SAS).  

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