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News from STC research centre

Jalal Mousavirad new Postdoc at STC

Jalal Mousavirad is a new Postdoc at Mid Sweden University. His research focus is Artificial Intelligence with a specific focus on machine vision and machine learning techniques.

Multimillion investment in data-driven development research

Mid Sweden University is leading a project involving around 20 organizations in Jämtland and Västernorrland counties. The aim of the project is to support business development in IoT and AI with a focus on data-driven development. The project has been granted over SEK 30 million in support from EU.

The first international research school starts

Together with one Canadian and seven European universities, Mid Sweden University starts it's first international research school. Initially, eight new PhD-students will be recruited for research projects on industrial transformation, particularly in the development of AI, IoT, materials and processes.

Field experiments to detect methane gas in water

At the end of August, associate professor Claes Mattson and industrial doctoral student Bakhram Gaynullin conducted a field measurement outside Essvik, south of Sundsvall. The purpose was to see if it is possible to measure methane gas that dissolves in water in the form of bubbles from fibre banks.

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