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News from STC research centre

The AI competence project summarizes the results

The research project AI Competence has been completed and now the results from the project are summarized in a final film. In the film, the project's participants tell how, with support from Mid Sweden University, they increased their skills and developed new applications with the help of AI.

Isaac Sánchez Leal presented his work at his halftime seminar

On the 14th of March PhD-student Isaac Sánchez presented his work on a half-time seminar with the title " Embedded IoT Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks using Intelligence Partitioning”. Now Isaac continues his work toward a doctoral thesis defense.

P4 Västernorrland interviews Johan Sidén

New technology to counteract pressure ulcers is being noticed by P4 Västernorrland. Pressure sensors developed at Mittuniversitetet will now be tested at nursing homes in Sundsvall and Örnsköldsvik. Johan Sidén, lecturer in electronics, will now work with the tests.

Gathering strength to meet the needs of business within IT

An investment in international excellence will counteract the shortage of workforce in IT, which limits the growth of employers in Västernorrland and Jämtland counties. Mid Sweden University and Bron Innovation are now investing on several fronts to solve the skills shortage.

Tankesmedjan AnyThing VT23

Brukar du fundera kring olika smarta lösningar som kan göra skogsindustrin lönsammare och grönare? Vi söker nu deltagare till tankesmedjan AnyThing som tar sig an nya utmaningar i vår.

Meet Faeze - New industrial PhD-student

Faeze Zakaryapour is a new Industrial PhD-student at Mid Sweden University and Media Research. In her research, the objective is to develop an AI system that automates tasks and processes required by the Media Research Company.

STC Tech Tour

On Tuesday, the STC research center invited students from Mittuniversitetet to the STC Tech Tour. During the tour, the students visited seven different labs and met researchers from different research areas who talked about their research projects.

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