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News from STC research centre

Erwan Leria - early stage researcher within VR

Erwan Leria works as an early stage researcher at Tampere University, Finland, and Mid Sweden University. His research topic is “Real-time View Interpolation with Distributed Heterogeneous Computing“.

Autonomous friction measurement

In collaboration with the company Klimator, new technology for mapping the runway has been developed. See how the technology is tested today and how it can be used in the future.

Can smart cameras detect faults on a railway?

To use smart cameras to detect fault in placements of clips on a railway – that is what Irida Shallari’s research project is about. The project's goal is to create a solution that facilitates the constructions of a railway by using AI and deep learning.

Eiraj Saqib PhD-student at STC

In June 2022 Eiraj Saqib started his PhD studies at STC. He’s work will focus on analysing optimizing techniques in Neural networks and to reduce the size of CNN models.

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