News from STC

News from STC research centre

Yuxuan successfully presented his licentiate thesis

On June 13th, 2024, Yuxuan Zhang successfully presented his licentiate thesis titled "Tiny Machine Learning for Structural Health Monitoring with Acoustic Emissions" . The opponent and external reviewer for the thesis was Associate Professor Gian Domenico Licciardo from the University of Salerno

Mehdi Haghshenas new Postdoc at STC

Mehdi Haghshenas is a new Postdoctoral researcher at STC. He will be part of prof. Mikael Gidlunds research group, concentrating on integrated sensing and communication. His research will focus on exploring the advantages of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces in positioning and sensing.

Meng Jiang presented her work at a halftime seminar

Tuesday the 28th of May PhD-student Meng Jiang presented her work on a half-time seminar with the title "Array Systems for Sound Source Localization”. Now she will continue her work toward a doctoral thesis defense.

Mattias O'Nils, head of STC, spoke about data-driven development at Elmia

During Elmia Production Fairs on 14-16 May, Prof. Mattias O'Nils was invited to give a presentation on collaboration to accelerate companies' data-driven development. He shared examples of how Mid Sweden University and partner companies create new business and products through data-driven methods.

"My time here has been incredibly enriching"

Alexandre Guignard, a Master of Science student at INSA in Rennes, France, recently completed a three-month internship at Mid Sweden University. "It has been an enriching time and I have had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge," he shares.

STC visits to China for broadened cooperation

An exciting research collaboration on the development of smart bearings is taking the next step. Sebastian Bader and Ye Xu, both researchers at the STC Research Center, have recently returned from Xian Jiaotong University in China, with the aim of further expanding and deepening their cooperation.

Several advancements towards the autonomous airport of the future

Autonomous measurements of the runway surface as well as more opportunities to monitor vehicles and drones at airports. A three-year research project at Mid Sweden University has made several advancements in creating the airport of the future with safe and cost-effective solutions.

AI is doing wonders for the future of ad data collection

Research into how AI can detect, and sort advertising data is in full swing at Mittuniversitetet. In a collaboration between the Research Center STC (Sensible Things That Communicate) and Media Research, industrial doctoral student Faeze Zakaryapour Sayyad runs an extensive project in the subject.

Research helps prevent roof damage caused by heavy snow

Heavy snow affects both traffic safety and buildings. Now, researchers at the STC research centre and the Härnösand company Starbit have created an AI model that can measure the weight of snow without contact, and thus provide an opportunity to prevent damage to buildings and collapse accidents.

Working within a company offer advantages to the research

There are many advantages to being an industrial PhD, according to Ziqin Tang, PhD student at Miun, doing their research-study at the company Starbit. Access to all the technical conditions you may need but also experienced employees who can provide advice and support is an important contribution.

Tech tour for students to attract further studies

At the STC Research Center's Tech Tour, students from Mid Sweden University's engineering programs had the opportunity to meet the center's researchers and learn about several ongoing research projects.

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