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News from STC research centre

Fastighetsbranschen workshoppade kring AI

Den 16 juni samlades 75 deltagare från fastighetsbranschen för att under två timmar inspireras och diskutera hur man med hjälp av AI kan utveckla bland annat drift och underhåll av fastigheter.

Tankesmedjan Anything

Vill du vara med och utveckla samhällen i Västernorrland mot framtiden? Det är utmaningen som tankesmedjan AnyThing tar sig an under hösten och nu har vi öppnat för ansökningar. Vill du vara med i tankesmedjan?

The remote-controlled workplaces of the future

What will the remote-controlled workplaces of the future look like? What new opportunities does remote control create and what challenges remain to be solved? On this online event researchers and representatives from partner companies discussed remote control.

Congratulations to STC:s new doctor Elijs Dima

On May 17, Elijs Dima defended his doctoral thesis "Augmented Telepresence based on Multi-Camera Systems: Capture, Transmission, Rendering, and User Experience". He got a clear pass from the opponent and examination board!

Irida Shallari new PhD

Congratulations to Irida Shallari for her successful defense of her doctoral thesis "Intelligent Partitioning of IoT - Design Space Exploration for a Data Intensive IoT Node". Opponent on the thesis was Prof. Andreas Gerstlauer from the University of Texas at Austin.

Interview with Nathan Keyaerts

Meet Nathan Keyaerts, an Erasmus exchange student from the University of Mons in Belgium. He is doing his master within cryptography and how to secure the communication between different IoT devices together with the research group Communication Systems and Networks at STC Research Centre.


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