More can get fiber connections through research cooperation

Thu 26 Jan 2017 11:19

Together with companies in the regional fiber industry researchers at Mid Sweden University will develop new methods and tools for efficient and better fiber connections. It can provide fiber connections to households where there previously was not possible.

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The expansion of the fiber connections is going on all around the world and in Sweden fiber investments is expected to reach 10 billion SEK in just 2016.  There is a great need from the regional business to develop new installation techniques and products that makes it possible to offer households fiber where it today is not economically justifiable.

- The cost of installing fiber today is limited not by technical equipment without time for excavators and labor. To streamline the fiber expansion there is a need of developing technologies and methods that reduce working hours, says Kent Bertilsson, project manager at the research center STC.

Cooperation takes place in a new research project funded by the European Regional Development Fund by 3.7 million. One of the challenges in the project is to find a better method to characterize how the ducts (tubes) lie in the ground with the help of probes. This is to be able to estimate how far you can blow a fiber in a more reliable way. Within the project, the researchers will also study new methods for joining fiber ducts and blow the fiber to households.

- With the methods that the project intends to develop the installers could install more households per day, splicing can be performed cheaper, higher quality, and the cost of measuring the ducts can be reduced significantly, says Kent Bertilsson.

The research project FIBER is conducted at the Mid Sweden University research center STC, Sensible Things that Communicate, in cooperation with Eltel Networks, Fiber Optic Valley, ICT Networks, ServaNet and Sundsvall Municipality. The project runs in 3.5 years and a turnover of SEK 7.4 million of which 3.7 million is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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