New postdoc to research project DUVA

Fri 27 Jan 2017 09:31

Ilpo Niskanen is a new postdoc at STC. He will work in the research project DUVA with optical measurement to define properties of the cellulose fiber.


What is your background?

I received my M.Sc in 1999 and my Tec.Lic in 2005 in Electrical and Information Engineering from University of Oulu, Finland, and PhD in 2008 in physics from University of Joensuu, Finland. I have been a researcher, project manager and team leader at University of Oulu for about 15 years. Recently I was working in National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology/National Metrology Institute of Japan (AIST/NMIJ). My research there focused on measurement of complex refractive index of solid by x-ray holography.

What is your area of interest?

My research in the past several years has focused on optical spectroscopy, measuring technology, construction of optical devices and calculation algorithms. I have previously developed a method for determination of complex refractive index of liquid and particles as a function of wavelength.

What is it that you are going to investigate as a postdoc?

I will work in the research project DUVA (Detector and method development in the UV and EUV wavelength region, for application in processing industries). The main purpose of this research is to develop a method for optical measurement to define properties of the cellulose fiber.

What is your relation to Sweden?

I have relatives in Sweden; two aunts, two uncles and nine cousins. I have also worked with process control at GA Metall AB in Sundsvall during one summer, and I liked it here.

Why did you choose to work at Mid Sweden University?

I have been very interested in the research that STC conducts since a colleague to me visited the research center once. I hope my work here will bring me new experience and knowledge. The postdoc research here is valuable to me in several ways. First, the study will help me to focus on my research field. Secondly, the goal is to improve my skills by working for the measurement technology sector. And thirdly, I could be a contact person in cooperation between University of Oulu and Mid Sweden University in the future.

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