New research engineer to research project DUVA and IFUS

Fri 27 Jan 2017 08:49

Daniel Zakrisson will work as a research engineer within the research projects DUVA and IFUS. His research will be focused in the field of optics and photonics, and he will mainly work with development of demonstrators in both projects.


Daniel studied engineering physics at Umeå University, and then worked at Fiber Optic Valley for about 1 year as a consultant. After that he got a work as a researcher at Chalmers University, where his work was focused on fiber communication. Recently, Daniel was a lecturer at Umeå University.

During his time at Fiber Optic Valley, Daniel visited Mid Sweden University several times and liked it here. At STC he will work as a research engineer within two research project and also with higher education within the Department of Electronics Design (EKS). The research projects is DUVA and IFUS, and his research will focus on optics and photonics. Initially, in the DUVA project he will work with optical measurement of the cellulose fiber, and in IFUS he will mainly develop demonstrators within the area of photonics and lasers

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