Visit from Istituto Superiore Mario Boella

Thu 29 Jun 2017 16:30

In June, STC got a visit from Dr. Nadia Boetti from Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB) in Turin, Italy. The visit is part of the collaboration between ISMB, Polytechnic University of Turin and Mid Sweden University. We got a quick chat with Dr. Boetti about the interesting activities that she is conducting within the photonics lab during her visit at STC.


It is a warm, but windy, day in June and Dr. Nadia Boetti i has been in Sweden for about a week. Nadia actually likes the slightly milder weather compared to Turin where it can now be closer to 40 degrees during the days. Dr. Boetti is a researcher from Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB) in Turin, Italy. ISMB is a research and innovation center within the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

- My research is within the field of optical communication and optoelectronics. We work close to Polytechnic University of Turin and share some lab facilities, PhotonLab, says Dr. Nadia Boetti.

ISMB has the only R&D optical fiber drawing tower in Italy. It is specialized for research and development of specialty optical fiber by using special glasses such as phosphate, tellurite and silicate. Nadia works with characterization of photonic glasses, fabrication and characterization of the fibers. At STC, she is learning more about the ongoing research within applied laser technology.

- During my stay, we have worked in the photonics lab and I have had the opportunity to get to know Mid Sweden University better. We also visited Höga Kusten north of Sundsvall and Mellanfjärden south of Sundsvall. Very beautiful places I must say, says Dr. Nadia Boetti.

The visit is part of an activity within the IFUS-project with the aim to increase international research collaboration between the Mid Sweden University and universities, research institutes and companies within the EU. In the future, the aim is to apply for joint projects, write scientific papers and have student exchange together with each other.

Dr. Nadia Boetti, ISMB and PhD-student Enkeleda Balliu, STC.

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