STC initiate a IIoT collaboration with Kyung Hee Univeristy

Mon 19 Oct 2020 13:29

Mid Sweden University and STC Research Centre has been granted 145 000 SEK from STINT to initiate a new collaboration with Kyung Hee University in South Korea to optimize 5G Network for End-to-End Integration of Industrial Internet of Things Applications.

Kyung Hee University

To optimize the Industry 4.0 transition

This project targets an initiation of cooperation between the Mid Sweden University, Sweden and the Kyung Hee University in South Korea, to address the key aspects and challenges of optimizing the 5G networks' performance for the end-to-end integration of the IIoT services under Industry 4.0. This new collaboration will act as a preliminary phase for cooperation to initiate comprehensive research on intelligent 5G connectivity for IIoT. As a result, the partnership will build economic and social systems that can flexibly respond to the transition toward industry 4.0 for both Korea and Sweden.

STINT enables research exchanges

This project aims to set up and exchange research methods and case studies between Sweden and South Korea to develop innovative solutions to compensate for the present Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) inefficiencies. Therefore, the research fund from STINT will be dedicated mainly to organize mutual research visits, student exchange, and invited lectures and workshops. These events' primary purpose is to discuss research questions and gather real-life requirements to facilitate 5G technology integration with the IIoT applications.

Kyung Hee University – one of the top 250

In 1999, the Intelligent Networking Lab at Kyung Hee University commenced its expedition towards the immense realm of research in communications and advanced networking, under the guidance of Professor Choong Seon Hong. Since then, the lab is performing quality research in this area. There are currently 19 Ph.D. students, 8 Master's students, 3 Postdocs, and one Assistant Professor working in the research group. The lab members investigate a wide range of research topics such as wireless communication, edge computing, machine learning, and networking intelligence.  The lab's research environment is a combination of the earnest endeavor of quality students from different countries, sharing a wide variety of state-of-the-art technological knowledge. In the latest QS World University Rankings, Kyung Hee University received an honorary place among the world's 250 highest ranked universities.


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STINT Stiftelsen för internationalisering av högre utbildning oh forskning

Project leader

Sarder Fakhrul Abedin

Universitetslektor, Biträdande|Associate Senior Lecturer

+46 (0)10-1428360


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