Dynamics of housing segregation – opportunities and challenges

The pre-study is based on the differences that exist between different residential areas in Sundsvall.

The pre-study will contribute in several ways to increased knowledge of inequalities through three different sub-studies:

  1. a literature study of existing research into the complexity of housing segregation
  2. a pilot study of housing segregation mechanisms in two different areas
  3. a pilot study of professional actors’ experiences and working methods in designated residential areas.

The purpose of the pre-study is to increase knowledge about the dynamics of housing segregation and the inequality that exists within and between different residential areas in Sundsvall municipality.

The goal is to generate a basis in the form of a project plan to develop the study into a more comprehensive project. The target group for the pre-study is in the short term active within Sundsvall municipality, which is tasked with implementing the work to equalise differences in living conditions within the municipality, but in the long term it is the residents in the areas that have been prioritised to be in need of special efforts.


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Municipal cooperation

Project leader

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Ebru Özturk

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


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