Self-driving vehicles must be capable of operating in all kinds of weather. It is important to test the systems and its sensors in different weather conditions with reduced visibility. The project aims at developing test methods for weather-independent vehicle sensors and cameras for ADAS systems.

Spray 2

Spray 2 is part of a series of three research projects (SPRAY series), which aims to strengthen the reliability of future advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and future self-driving cars while driving in bad weather. In order to achieve Vision Zero, active safety is required, but existing sensor and camera systems are strongly affected by weather conditions such as rain, fog and whiteouts.

In order to gain knowledge about how different types of weather affect visibility and detection of the environment with different sensors, a reference frame is required for how weather, and in this case most fog and rain, can be compared over time and in different places. Being able to offer these kind of testing opportunities for active safety is unique in the world.

The Swedish automotive industry is at the forefront of active safety and with the new methodologies and increased testing efficiency, one will be able to maintain and expand its leading position in the field.

During the implementation of the project, test references for desired traffic conditions shall be defined, references shall be made traceable and transferable to the demo environment, test methodology to be developed, and an effective test system with repeatability that enables evaluation of future sensors and cameras towards reference environments and established product solutions shall be demonstrated.

Sports Tech Research Centre's role in the project is to " digitalize" weather conditions through the use of the wind tunnel to ensure stable reference measurements. The reference values ​​created can, in turn, be compared to both national and international värden för klassificering enligt nominella skalor.

In addition to the wind tunnel at Mid Sweden University, a field-based solution with snow gun in open and semi-closed environment (storage tents) and a test facility at AstaZero in Sandhult is also used.


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