Accessible nature to promote active and healthy aging

The goal is that more elderly people can be active in nature for improved quality of life, physical and mental health. We want to increase knowledge about the connection between health, outdoor activities and the understanding that lack of accessibility excludes people from everyday activities.

man och kvinna joggar i naturen

Together with private and public actors, the project will identify factors that contribute to accessible natural environments and active aging in order to strengthen health and quality of life. Active aging is also expected to have an impact on care and nursing needs. This benefit is directly linked to a major challenge in Swedish municipalities - to meet the demographic challenge through more proactive public health work for the health of the elderly. The project is also about contributing to an inclusive society where municipal planning is an important tool for participation and for protecting access to nature areas.


Project period



  • Östersunds kommun
  • Härnösands kommun

Project leader

Sandra Wall-Reinius

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

010-142 82 46

Project members

Rosemarie Ankre

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

010-142 78 36