Evaluation of a strategy to fight against the use of drugs and related problems among young people

In this project, Örnsköldsvik municipality's action plan against the use of illegal drugs at a young age is evaluated.

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The strategy of Örnsköldsvik municipality to fight against the use of illegal drugs and associated disruptive behavior in adolescence implies the cooperation of multiple partners such as secondary schools, school health departments, social services, police, etc. The strategy involves multiple activities by each partner with a common preventive objective. In this project, we propose to evaluate some of the activities included in the strategy using theory-driven evaluation. Theories of change and logic models will be defined according to the recommendations by Silva and Lind (2020). An individual plan of process and outcome evaluation will be determined for each activity. Both qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry and analysis will be employed. The project started in 2020 with funds from a cooperation agreement between Örnsköldsvik municipality and Mid Sweden University and is planned to finish in 2022 with further funding from other sources.

This is a project in collaboration with Örnsköldsvik municipality in accordance with the collaboration agreement.


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  • Örnsköldsviks kommun


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Teresa Silva


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Project members

Birgitta Edin Westman, Örnsköldsviks kommun

Birgitta Edin Westman, Örnsköldsviks kommun


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