On the governmentalization of sustainability: the case of flood risk mitigation in Sweden

A doctoral student project about the governing of flood risk mitigation.


This PhD research attempts to increase understanding of how complex sustainability issues become governmentalized in advanced liberal society. In other words, how they become something that require governing on societal level.

To do so, Per Becker studies the case of flood risk mitigation in Höje Å catchment area in southern Sweden. By investigating who is involved, how they organise, their mental models, how they mitigate flood risk, as well as how such regimes of practises have come into being, the research attempts to provide a critique that is not judgemental or assigning blame, but instead systemic and transformative. A critique that is informative when contemplating the governing of other sustainability challenges in advanced liberal society.


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Project leader

Per Becker

Doktorand|Doctoral Student