Prevention of children’s disruptive and antisocial behavior: Situation analysis and evaluation of current interventions

This research project aims to find methods to counteract the trend where children are increasingly cared for by the social services in municipality of Örnsköldsvik .

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The project born from the necessity to find solutions to the increasing number of children that are being taken care by the social services due to their disruptive and antisocial behavior in Örnsköldsvik municipality. The goal is to identify individual, social, and situational factors contributing to the problem so that an appropriate preventive strategies can be developed.

The project focus on three areas. First, it will examine risk factors on already problematic cases. Second, the investigation of social factors will target community groups such as school children and their parents. Third, situational risk factors will involve to analyze schools, and areas of the community most impacted by the children’s problematic behavior. Primary and secondary data will be collected from individuals, institutions, and authorities. Furthermore, an impact evaluation of current interventions is also part of the project’s plan.

This is a project in collaboration with Örnsköldsvik municipality in accordance with the collaboration agreement.


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Project leader

Teresa Silva


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Project members

Lotta Westman, Örnsköldsviks kommun

Lotta Westman, Örnsköldsviks kommun


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