Positions the research within high frequency power supplies in the frontline. The research have presented the only isolated converter above 3MHz with an efficiency exceeding requirements from commercial applications.

Ongoing projects

Fast Frequency Reserve from Hydropower

Renewable energy increases the need for better frequency reserve in the power grid. Hydropower has the potential to be able to compensate for fluctuations in the grid. Within this project, new...

Completed research projects

Blow fiber

The project aims to develop existing and new products to increase the blowing distance of optical fibers and fiber cable in order to reduce the costs of fiber installation in the future. Project...


In this research project, researchers will, in collaboration with the regional fiber industry, develop new installation techniques and tools to improve the efficiency of fiber connections.


This project aims at optimizing the power density and the cost of the magnetic devices of a 22 kW bidirectional on-board charger to meet the FFI road-map targets and the USA-drive road-map...

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