Radiation Sensing and Imaging Systems

We study the design of electronics measurement systems with a focus on applications where computing electronics, radiation detectors, electromagnetic radiation sources and image analysis are combined.

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Wide spectrum electromagnetic radiation from sources interact with the material such that unique spectral signatures allow for identification of materials over an observed area. Application examples are contamination of e.g. plastics, petroleum, humidity, metals and heavy metals, also in harsh environments where these methods has not been possible before.

Our research group is a partner in the Medipix particle imaging system development hosted by CERN. Ongoing research studies includes profiling of heavy metals in bottom sediments of sea, quality assurance of products extracted from food waste, classification of road conditions using vehicle mounted sensors as well as synchrotron measurements within Treesearch.


Medipix collaboration

CERN - accelerating science

Treesearch - collaboration on the research on new materials from the forest

Ongoing Research Projects

MiLo — environment in the control loop

Climate change, pollution and noise have a major impact on society. In this project, researchers with new technology want to measure environmental parameters over large areas, which creates...

Research group

Benny Thörnberg

Docent |Senior lecturer


Börje Norlin



David Krapohl

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


Saad Muhamad Shaikh

Doktorand|Doctoral Student


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