The research at Realistic 3D is on Multidimensional Imaging and Visualization with focus on Multiscopic 3D Capture, Coding and Visualization.


The research group Realistic 3D is developing future 3D visualization for entertainment and industry, focusing on improving capture, compression and presentation technology by making use of sophisticated signal and image processing.

A true experience

Realistic 3D is a natural extension in the strive for an authentic presence. It presents a scene with a realistic depth and a motion parallax without user-worn spectacles. Applications can be found in the fields of digital signage, medical diagnostics, product design and construction, gaming, 3D-TV, telepresence and mobile telephony.

Research Focus

We pursue research, and related education, in the fields of multimedia communication systems that utilize realistic 3D as part. Our main research areas are:

  • Synthesis and capture of 3D images and video
  • View rendering techniques
  • Modelling of 3D devices
  • Coding of 3D images and video
  • 3D Quality metrics and evaluations

Ongoing research projects


This project focus is to reinforce and renew the competence in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics.

PLENOPTIMA – Plenoptic Imaging

Plenoptima is European collaboration with researchers and partner organisations in an innovative training network. The aim is to develop a cross-disciplinary approach to plenoptic imaging.

Completed research projects


In this research project, researchers will, in collaboration with the regional fiber industry, develop new installation techniques and tools to improve the efficiency of fiber connections.


The researchers in the QoEAT - Quality of Experience for Augmented Telepresence In will investigate the Quality of Experience (QoE) for Augmented Telepresence. Augmented Telepresence


Our research is funded by EU Structural Funds, Invest in Sweden, Knowledge Foundation, Local government in Västernorrland, Vinnova, Vårdal Foundation, Strategic Research and Mid Sweden University.

Lab members

The lab members have backgrounds in Signal Processing, Telecommunications, Media Engineering, Computer Science, and Electronics, which contribute to a broad knowledge applicable to Realistic 3D visualization research.


Yun Li, Ph,D
Suryanarayana Muddala, Ph.D
Mitra Damghanian, Ph.D.
Sebastian Schwarz, Ph.D.
Kun Wang, Tech.Lic.
Rolf Dalin, M.Sc., Researcher
Héctor Navarro, Visitor
Sylvain Tourancheau, Post-doc
Vamsi Adhikarla, M.Sc., Research Eng.
Linda Karlsson, Ph.D.