Polar research gives Mid Sweden University unique hosting

Fri 26 Apr 2024 08:14

When the international polar research conference Polar Law Symposium visits Sweden for the first time, Mid Sweden University is the host. At the end of September, around 100 researchers from all over the world gather to share current research relating to the world's polar regions.

Campus Östersund med samiska flaggan
Mid Sweden University/Gaskeuniversiteete is located in the middle of the South Sámi area in southern Saepmie. Photo: Sandra Lee Pettersson.

"This is the only conference of its kind and it is an important recognition and a great pleasure for Mid Sweden University to be able to arrange the seventeenth edition of the Polar Law Symposium. One of the reasons why we get the chance is probably the conscious investment that has been made in recent years in Sami research, says Eivind Torp, associate professor of law at Mid Sweden University and member of the scientific committee that organizes the conference.

In recent years, the annual conference has been held in the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Japan, and when it comes to Sweden, very topical issues are on the agenda.

"This year, we are focusing on two themes, one of which concerns the implementation of international law on minority and indigenous issues in national legislation, an issue that is constantly topical, not least in the Nordic countries. Sweden, for example, has not ratified the ILO Convention on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and is repeatedly criticized for this. The second theme of the conference includes research on natural resources, environmental and management issues in the polar regions, which is also a highly topical topic," says Eivind Torp.

The conference begins with a welcome reception at Jamtli's open-air museum on September 23 and runs from September 24-25. Three keynote speakers have been invited:

  • James Anaya, professor at the University of Colorado and former UN Special Envoy on Indigenous Issues
  • Åsa Larsson, Vice Chair of the Saami Council and former Chair of the Swedish Sami National Association
  • Ronàn Long, internationally renowned researcher at the World Maritime University

"The conference also provides a unique opportunity for researchers in Mid Sweden University's Sámi network Båskoes to present their research to a large group of international researchers in areas such as law, political science, law, natural and social sciences," says Eivind Torp.

You can read more about the Polar Law Symposium 2024 here. 

Contact person:

Eivind Torp, Associate Professor of Law at Mid Sweden University, eivind.torp@miun.se, 010-142 81 06



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