Tourism, Academic writing and publishing


Turismvetenskap, Vetenskapligt skrivande och publicering, 7,5 hp
Tourism, Academic writing and publishing

General data

  • Code: TUR012F
  • Subject/Main field: Tourism Studies
  • Cycle: Third cycle
  • Credits: 7,5
  • Answerable faculty: Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Answerable department: Economics, Geography, Law and Tourism
  • Approved: 2019-12-05
  • Date of change: 2023-11-22
  • Version valid from: 2023-11-17


The aim of this course is to develop a range of skills and abilities related to writing and publishing academic texts in English in order to facilitate publication in international peer-reviewed journals and books. The course will cover traditions and scholarship across multiple disciplines within the broader context of the human sciences. In the course, we will cover writing for various types of publications such as scientific articles (empirical, discussion/opinion, review), book chapters and conference papers. An introduction to and insights into the publication and review processes will also be covered.

Course objectives

After completing this course the student is expected to be able to:
- present research confidently in writing and in dialogue with the international academic community;
- understand academic standards and ethical issues within their own areas of
- Navigate the publication process within their field of specialization and understand how to respond to feedback;
- make informed choices for their own publication opportunities in terms of different forms of review and publication processes, requirements and guidelines associated with different outlets;
- demonstrate relevant knowledge of bibliometric aspects of publishing.


This course provides the student with the opportunity to study the writing, editing, reviewing and publishing of academic texts, specifically with the aim to improve their understanding of academic writing as a genre. During the course the student will analyze scientific articles and drafts of the other students’ texts, participate in workshops and seminar discussions as well as prepare an individually written academic text. Emphasis will also be given to rhetorical aspects such as scientific argumentation, writing styles, clear and concise use of the English language, overall structure and form for texts, as well as writing strategies and rituals. The course will also include an introduction to and discussions around the publication and review processes, as well as tuition on how to approach and use author guidelines and review comments to improve writing skills. An introduction to and discussion about bibliometric aspects of publishing will also be included.

Entry requirements

A person meets the entry requirements for the course if he or she has been admitted to a third-cycle study programme and will be given credit for the course in that study programme.
(Äldre gymnasiebetyg)

Selection rules and procedures

The selection process is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance and the local order of admission.

Teaching form

The course is offered in Swedish and English depending on teachers and
student's language preferences. The course is taught on campus in Östersund
or Sundsvall. If special circumstances apply, students can attend via

Teaching will be conducted through lectures, seminars and workshops and
students will be expected to work individually with the course literature and
assignments, as well as conduct peer-reviewing of other students’ texts.

Examination form

Students are required to participate in all scheduled activities.

The final evaluation is an assessment of an individually written manuscript draft, completion of all exercises, and participation in seminars.

Grading system

Fail (U) or Pass (G)

Litterature list

Select litterature list:

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