Studenter, utomhus, Östersund

Summer university/Summer Academy, Sustainable future, 10 August- 21 August 2020

The Summer University/Summer Academy focus on Sustainable future.

The concept of sustainability includes the three dimensions economy, environment and social aspects of human life. Given the ongoing global change, including climate change and increasing pressure on, and shortage of, natural resources, it is clear that we face challenges of how to build a long-term sustainable society. We will need to reconsider our energy use, resource efficiency, and reduce environmental pressure while maintaining good social interaction. This obviously includes economical challenges. Sustainability in general is a prerequisite for development but the costs and benefits are most often not shared by different actors.

The road to sustainability will influence all aspects of human enterprise, from natural resource use to individual life style. For a better understanding of this challenge a synthesis of different disciplines is required – some provide the motivation (e.g. ecology, environmental science, risk analyses) while others could be crucial to find solutions (technology, design, economics). This calls for multidisciplinary approaches – something that is rarely included in regular university studies focusing on a single discipline.

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Would you participate again if you had the opportunity? Yes, definitely. Next year it is at IT Sligo, so I will definitely participate again!

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Would you participate again if you had the opportunity? Yes. I will probably have graduated by next Summer University so I can’t join again, but I have already texted my friends who will still be studying and recommended it to them.

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Would you participate again if you had the opportunity? Yes. Then I would probably work on a more technical project, but this was also a terrific learning experience and I am happy that I participated.

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What did you like the best about the summer university? During the first week, all the students cooked together. This was a great way to get to know each other, have fun, and work together in a relaxed environment. It gave us a good starting point for working together on our projects. Also, the lectures we had during lunch during the first week were really good.

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