The summer university offers exciting projects in the subjects of Biology, Environmental Science, Gaming, Visualization, Electronics, Computer Science, Information Systems, Human Centered Design, Economics, Social Science, Media & Journalism/Design.

Campus Östersund
Mid Sweden University, Campus Östersund

Projects offered in 2022 will be published in December/January. Due to the nature of the project-based course, we only offer a limited number of places within each project! If you are interested in a project and have a different background than recomended, contact the projectleader in charge!


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Projects offered 2021

Measurement of air quality  In this project, we would like to measure the fine dust concentration which is part of the measurement of the air quality, in and around the city of Östersund. 

Fight or Flight – Climate Stand or Climate Run! 
Our climate is changing.  How we live and where we live will have to change.  How will we change? Project ‘Fight or Flight’ explores the issues around how we adapt to change.  We look at our changing weather, its impact on people from flooding and coastal erosion, and how we might cope. Should we fight or flight

Ensuring tomorrow - back to the future or to the future and beyond
We would like to think that we want to make the best sustainable decisions when selecting products and services.  However, we don't necessarily have the data and tools to do so.How can we be supported in the sustainable selection of products and services? Perhaps we could be inspired by the past and/or use current and future technology. What might we need and what could a solution look like?

MIM - app for green transport
In this project you are welcome to participate in developing a solution using cutting edge technology that will help cities to handle today’s and future climate change challenges. The developed solution will be an engine for change that will guide and help both cities and citizens to choose greener transport methods and inform about the impact these choices have, both for each individual and society as a whole.

This project shows and teaches the fundamental understanding and implementation of a practical robotic system with defining a scientifically sustainability-exploration-task on the investigation of the water quality, water fauna, water temperature, water acidity in the lake of Storsjön in Östersund and collect research data using this robot system.

Forest Game 
The use of natural resources includes taking many different values into account, reflecting the three different aspects of sustainability; economy, environment and social values.

Circular Design Project
Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Brundtland, 1987). To achieve this, we must redesign the way we produce, consume and recycle today. In this context, design makes a difference.

Sustainable Storytelling 
To develop a multimedia approach to telling/documenting stories surrounding sustainability. To explore engaging ways to communicate and inform about global challenges through visual/interactive media.


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