Why Mid Sweden University

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Studenter Campus Sundsvall

Mid Sweden University is a university full of opportunities! Not only your study time here will be rewarding, but also the time outside the lecture room.

Mid Sweden University is a vibrant place where people meet, find inspiration and think innovatively. We offer you a high quality education at the same time as you get to know a new culture, make new friends, enjoy new experiences and gain new perspectives.

At Mid Sweden University, there are many international, first-class programmes to choose from in areas such as technology, media, tourism and business. The teachers are always available to provide you with the help you need to expand your knowledge and realize your dreams.

The collaboration with research and business ensures an authentic education which is of benefit to society and also gives you a competitive edge on the global market. Many of our programmes and much of our research reflect the university’s proximity to our beautiful forests and mountains. This means you also have fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities.

As a student at Mid Sweden University, you will gain knowledge that allows you to influence change and make a difference in the future. Come and join us, and study to realize your dreams!

Top 10 reasons to choose Mid Sweden University

  • High quality education
  • Research-oriented education
  • First-class facilities and high tech equipment
  • Student housing guarantee
  • Award-winning campus architecture
  • Small class sizes
  • Personal and caring environment
  • 24 hours access to facilties
  • Ideal campus locations close to city centres and nature
  • Breathtaking nature with unique seasonal changes


Discover your opportunities

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Listen to why our international students recommend you to study here!

Did you know, that...

  • at Mid Sweden University, you call the teachers by their first names

  • the technology of the university is ranked as the number one in Sweden

  • the environment is personal and caring

  • seminars and project work play a major role in the education

  • The univeristy has two campuses in the region of mid-Sweden

  • it is safe and your accommodation is of high standard

  • the cost of living is one of the lowest in Sweden

Elected the most student friendly municipality in Sweden

Sundsvall is a well-reputed student city, in which trade and industry, the municipality, and the university prioritize the students. No less than four times since the year 2000, Sundsvall has been elected the most student friendly municipality in Sweden. The city offers a great mixof culture, entertainment, and shopping.

The number one winter city!

Östersund is the number one winter city in Sweden. Östersund and its surroundings offer a mix of nature experiences, entertainment, and recreational activities, and within short distance, you will also find the country’s top down hill centre, Åre.