A meeting place for knowledge, cooperation and new ideas

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Mid Sweden University is a place with a lot of energy and warmth where people can meet, be inspired and think in new ways. Our campuses are situated in Sunds- vall and Östersund and o er a wide variety of program- mes and courses on all levels, including research.

On our campuses, you will nd a lot of competence and motivated students, both from Sweden and from other countries. Ours is one of the leading universities in Sweden in terms of distance education and our research is cu ing edge in a number of areas.

Close collaboration with working life and extensive external relations help us to stay dedicated and innovative. This is important for our development, both nationally and internationally. Our close cooperation with trade and industry and organizations provides our students with education that has a connection to working life. It also generates new jobs as companies and organizations have access to new research and the opportunity to recruit the right compe- tence. It is a win-win situation.


The regional importance of Mid Sweden University Every third new student at our university comes from the counties of Jämtland or Västernorrland, and around half of the students stay in the counties after their graduation, which contributes positively to the population.

Campus Östersund is centrally situated in Östersund. The presence of Mid Sweden University in the region has been instrumental in increasing the number of persons with a higher education degree over the last thirty years.

In Jämtland, our cu ing edge research and test envi- ronments in sports and outdoor activities o er fantastic opportunities for big brands and successful elite athletes.

In Västernorrland, which is heavily dependent on the forest industry, the research on nding new ways of using cellulose bres is of major importance for the development of the region.

In short – at Mid Sweden University, new knowledge is created and new talents are cultivated – this provides opportunities for both individuals and society to grow.