Department of Psychology and Social Work

The Department is located at Campus Ă–stersund.


We conduct research and education within Social Work and the main fields of Psychology, such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, psychology of learning, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology.

Our main programs at the undergraduate level are the Social Work Education, the Psychology program and the Human Resource Management and Labour Relations program (all given in Swedish only). We also provide a master's degree in Social Work and in emotional psychology, and doctoral studies in Psychology and Social Work.

Depending on the course, teaching can be offered on Campus in Östersund or by distance online (usually with a few meetings on campus and/or at specific times and dates online).

Contact the Department of Psychology and Social Work

Head of Department:
Francisco Esteves

Postal address:
Mid Sweden University
SE-831 25 Östersund

Visiting address:
Kunskapens väg 1, Building P