The multidisciplinary dimension in our research are developed so that knowledge and experiences from different fields of science strengthen our ability to contribute to sustainable societal development. Here we collect inspiring examples.


• Mid Sweden University has an internal sustainability network with a public Facebook page that you can join. Read the report from the pilot project Sustainable Development at Mid Sweden University (the report in Swedish). 
• Mid Sweden University has a sustainability network for students and all students can join to develop ideas for sustainable development and interdisciplinary collaboration. 
• Mid Sweden University and seven other Swedish universities will develop new working methods for evaluating and following up the effects of collaboration within the framework of UN's global goals for sustainable development. This is the purpose of the AGERA project, which is financed by Vinnova and which will increase the collaboration capacity and in the long run strengthen the higher education institutions' contribution to sustainable development. 
• The Environment and Climate Council in Jämtland County is a platform for cooperation, exchange of ideas and experiences between actors from, among others, business, public administration and interest groups. Mid Sweden University is involved to support the work on climate issues in Jämtland County. 
• The SMICE network has the objective to work for a long-term sustainable region in Sweden and Norway: Jämtland, Härjedalen and Trøndelag. 
• Uppsala University has a platform - UUSI where researchers from different areas can meet and collaborate on sustainability issues. 
NSCN - Nordic Sustainable Campus Network supports and develops the sustainability activities for the Nordic institutions of higher education through projects related to sustainable campus and teaching. 


The international research conference ISDRS will be held online between 13–15 July 2021, hosted by Mid Sweden University. The conference is being organized for the 27th year and brings together over 500 researchers from around the world who are researching sustainable development from different perspectives.  
• The 2nd International Education with Sustainability Conference EWS2020 - an interdisciplinary conference that focuses on the challenges that all aspects of education face when teaching for and holding the future. EWS 2020 was held as an online conference on 13 August.  
• In 2014, the Department of Ecotechnology and Sustainable Building Engineering (EHB) organized a memorial seminar in honor of Sven Erik Jørgensen - the famous ecologist and environmental chemist (29 August 1934 - 5 March 2016)

Collaboration programs / projects 
• Mistra Sport & Outdoors is a large research program coordinated by Mid Sweden University to create knowledge and solutions for increased sustainability in sports and outdoor life. 
• Read about the research project HåSa on sustainable communities, interdisciplinary conversations and the book SUSTAINABILITY'S MANY FACES which was born out of a frustration over how homogeneous the academic world is and how academics often relate to each other. 
• MIUN will conduct research at Jamtli Living University together with companies, organizations and other stakeholders who want to develop knowledge and skills about sustainable living and construction. To find out more about the pilot study on an ecovillage in Östersund, contact Lovisa Högberg and read more. 
• Researchers in eco-technology and building technology at Mid Sweden University in Östersund carried out the project Sustainable development processes (2012-2014) in collaboration with the business community and the municipalities in the region. The result of the project was increased knowledge about how sustainable development processes should be designed and used in the region.

Digital conversion 
• Mid Sweden University's films and inspiration about distance education 
• Hanken School of Economics offers a free course for anyone who wants to learn more about sustainable development goals and how to achieve them. 

International student movement 
In 2018, students from Uppsala, Gothenburg and Stockholm founded the organization Climate Students Sweden. This is a non-profit organization run by students from various universities around Sweden.