At Mid Sweden University, the next academic ceremony will take place on March 25, 2022 in Östersund. On this occasion, there is a conferment ceremony for the new doctors and the honorary doctors, an installation ceremony for the new professors, and a ceremony for the conferment of awards and prizes.

Akademisk högtid 2015

Inauguration lectures with honorary doctors and professors

The day before the academic ceremony, on March 24, 2022, there are inauguration lectures, when new honorary doctors and professors share their knowledge and experience with the audience. The lectures are open for the general public, and they are also broadcast on the web.

Conferment and installation ceremony and banquet

The academic ceremony, on March 25, 2022, includes three parts: a degree conferment ceremony for new and honorary doctors, an installation ceremony for new professors, and the conferment of awards and prizes for scientific and educational works. After the ceremony, there is a banquet.

Ceremony date


  • March 25, Östersund

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