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On this page you will find news and information from Mid Sweden University, collected under the tag 2009. This page is created based on the tag you clicked to get here.

There are 9 English pages and 9 Swedish pages that are tagged with 2009. The content may vary depending on language.

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130 exchange agreements with schools worldwide | 2009 |

In 2009, Mid Sweden University had exchange agreements with 130 partner universities and colleges around the world. Today the figure is considerably lower ...

Activities to attract more international students | 2009 |

In 2009, Mid Sweden University put extra focus on increasing the number of international students. It was a joint drive by both our faculties and the...

Chinese student falls in love with “semlor” | 2009 |

The teachers at NMT had been busy all day, baking 200 buns, whipping cream and mashing almond paste. They were going to offer their students “semlor” or...

Malin Burman – from Student to Driven Entrepreneur | 2009 |

A year after she had been awarded her degree from the Risk and Crisis Management Programme, Malin Burman received an award called “Young Entrepreneur of...

Mid Sweden University Project Leader of the PISA Study | 2009 |

In 2009, Mid Sweden University is again entrusted by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education to continue to lead the Swedish PISA study. The...

  • Activities to Recruit More Students Yield Results | 2009 |

    08 March - 2019

    A new Vice-Chancellor with clear priorities and a number of attractive programmes meant that Mid Sweden University got a higher share of applicants than...

  • Two New Exciting Programmes | 2009 |

    08 March - 2019

    2009 was the year when Mid Sweden University got two new, exciting programmes: the Criminology Programme and the Risk and Crisis Management Programme. – T

  • Miun Innovation opens | 2009 |

    08 March - 2019

    – Not all ideas result in a company. It is just as important that the researchers and students develop as entrepreneurs, and that they learn to let loose...