Anders Södergren on Skiing and Studies | 2010 |

At Campus Östersund, we are spoilt when it comes to seeing the world elite of cross-country skiing. They study for exams, have a coffee, go roller skating, study some more… It is all work and no play. A few years ago, Anders Södergren was one of them.


– In Östersund, I had the perfect opportunity to study at the same time as I focused on my skiing career. The training opportunities were incredibly good on and near the campus. Also, the university was highly accommodating and it was possible to move exams due to training or competitions, says Anders.

Anders’s great success in the track is evidence of the fact that the combination of studying and having a skiing career worked well. The relay bronze medal at the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games and the relay gold medal at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games are only two examples of several great performances.

When Anders studied at Mid Sweden University, the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre had not yet reached its current size, but it provided good support. It was a great advantage to him and the other skiers to be able to do all the tests at home, not having to spend even more time on travelling.

– To have the opportunity to study while you focus on your skiing career provides a sense of security for the future. Anyone can get injured and if that happens, it is good to have an education to fall back on. We were a good group in my days, who studied hard at university and trained hard in the track. You simply learned how to be very efficient, Anders concludes.