Who said research results are just reports that end up on a shelf, collecting dust? Here at Mid Sweden University this is not the case, anyway. Thanks to activities such as those of Fyrklövern, our doctoral students learn that research can be of real use.

Innovationskontoret fyrklövern

The innovation office Fyrklövern is run jointly by Sweden’s four youngest universities: Mid Sweden University, Karlstad University, Linnaeus University and Örebro University. Its primary function is to help researchers make use of their research results.

– Among other things, we run a popular PhD course in commercialization, where the doctoral students learn how their research can be of public benefit, says lecturer and Head of the Department of External Relations Robert Pettersson.

Fyrklövern also runs a think tank where companies and organisations get access to ideas and research results from the world of higher education. So even if the researchers are not entrepreneurs themselves, someone else who believes in their idea can develop it further.