Jan Stenberg Awarded a Unique Honorary Degree | 2010 |

With fanfares, singing, music and a gun salute from the Jämtland Field Artillery, Mid Sweden University’s new doctors, professors and honorary degree recipients were celebrated at the annual celebration on 19 November 2010.


There were a record number of honorary degrees awarded, four new ones.. One of them, the industrial leader Jan Stenberg, was the first person to receive an honorary degree in the field of tourism.

Among other things, Jan Stenberg was awarded an Honorary Degree for his contributions to Mid Sweden University’s research in tourism studies and the tourism research institute ETOUR. Mid Sweden University was the first in the country to offer third-cycle courses and programmes in tourism studies and it was also the first to award an honorary degree in the field of tourism.

The other people who were awarded honorary degrees were: Erik Fichtelius, who was awarded for his long experience in civic and newspaper journalism on the highest level.

Kenneth Eriksson, from SCA’s executive management, who was awarded a degree for his important contributionto the development of Mid Sweden University and FSCN.

Björn Fjaestad, editor-in-chief of Forskning och Framsteg (Research and Progress), who was awarded, among other things, for having established and strengthened the research in many fields at the university.