Mid Sweden University has much to gain from maintaining a good contact with its former students. That is why Miun Almuni was started a couple of years ago. It is a social and professional network for everyone who has studied here.

Miun Alumni startas upp

Miun Alumni exists both for the university’s and the students’ sake. We want to stay in touch with former students to be able to invite them back as mentors, guest lecturers or sounding boards for a certain education. On the students’ part, we hope that the network makes it easier to come back to Mid Sweden University, for example if they are considering continuing their education.
– Right now, we are also working on a system that will make it easy for the members of the network to access the latest research in their own subject field, says Alumni Coordinator Joakim Samuelsson.

Today, Miun Alumni has around 700 members and they are hoping that there will soon be many more. The registration process will be simplified and integrated with the Student Portal in 2015. As they finish their studies, the students will then be asked if they wish to join the network