The German Press is Horrified at the Crown Princess’s Visit | 2011 |

How could Prince Daniel let the pregnant Victoria climb a steep ladder – in high heels? A royal visit to Mid Sweden University provoked strong reactions in the German tabloids.


In the autumn of 2011, Mid Sweden University was visited by Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Among other things, they visited the Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE), where Professor Magnus Norgren and his colleagues demonstrated a unique method of purifying water from heavy metals. The purification is done using “soap bubbles” that attract the dangerous chemicals that can then be skimmed off the surface of the water.

– Both the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel were interested, curious and thought that it was an exciting method. You could tell that they understood how it was done. The Crown Princess has a great interest in the environment and any technology that may improve it, says Magnus Norgren.

What Magnus remembers most clearly of the visit was when Crown Princess Victoria wanted to climb a ladder to look down into the large demonstrator that was at the research centre. The ladder was quite steep – and Victoria was both pregnant and wearing high heels.

– The German press was horrified and there were some funny cuttings from their newspapers: “How could Prince Daniel be so irresponsible and let her climb down?”, Magnus recalls with a laugh.