Andreas Andersson


Articles in journals

MacIntyre, S. , Bastviken, D. , Arneborg, L. , Crowe, A. T. , Karlsson, J. , Andersson, A. , Gålfalk, M. , Rutgersson, A. & et al. (2021). Turbulence in a small boreal lake : Consequences for air–water gas exchange. Limnology and Oceanography, vol. 66: 3, pp. 827-854.    

Sjöblom, A. , Andersson, A. , Rutgersson, A. & Falck, E. (2020). Flow over a snow-water-snow surface in the high Arctic, Svalbard : Turbulent fluxes and comparison of observation techniques. Polar Science, vol. 25    

Andersson, A. , Sjöblom, A. , Sahlée, E. , Falck, E. & Rutgersson, A. (2019). Enhanced Air–Sea Exchange of Heat and Carbon Dioxide Over a High Arctic Fjord During Unstable Very-Close-to-Neutral Conditions. Boundary-layer Meteorology, vol. 170: 3, pp. 471-488.    

Andersson, A. , Falck, E. , Sjöblom, A. , Kljun, N. , Sahlee, E. , Omar, A. M. & Rutgersson, A. (2017). Air-sea gas transfer in high Arctic fjords. Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 44: 5, pp. 2519-2526.    

Andersson, A. , Rutgersson, A. & Sahlee, E. (2016). Using eddy covariance to estimate air-sea gas transfer velocity for oxygen. Journal of Marine Systems, vol. 159, pp. 67-75.  

Andersson, A. , Rutgersson, A. & Sahlée, E. (2014). Using a High-Frequency Fluorescent Oxygen Probe in Atmospheric Eddy Covariance Applications. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, vol. 31: 11, pp. 2498-2511.  

Conference papers

Waller, J. , Andersson, A. , Jonsson, A. , Wallin, M. & Sahlée, E. (2018). Measurements of carbon dioxide fluxes over an oligotrophic Boreal river in northern Scandinavia. In Book of abstracts : Linnaeus ECO-TECH '18 : 11th  International conference on establishment of cooperation between companies and institutions in the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea region and the world. Kalmar :  

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