Anders Nordvall

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Since 2010 a PhD student at Mid Sweden University. Before 2010 been working with planning and evaluating events. Has a Bachelor Degree in Tourism Studies, a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a Master Degree in Human Geography.

Area of interest

Planned events, with focus on event experiences and event design.

Current research

Working on a thesis within the area of event experiences and event design.

Teaching and tutoring

In addition to experiences and event design I do lectures on more themes related to events: event planning and organization, event marketing, event risk and security, evaluation and impact of events.

Other information

Also does consulting within the areas of event evaluation and event development.


Articles in journals

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Nordvall, A. (2016). Organizing Periodic Events : A Case Study of a Failed Christmas Market. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, vol. 16: 4, pp. 442-460.  

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