Evangelia Petridou

Docent|Associate Professor

  • Professional title: Associate Professor
  • Academic title: Associate Professor
  • Department: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSV)
  • Telephone: 010-1428318
  • Email: evangelia.petridou@miun.se
  • Visitor address: Kunskapens Väg 1, Östersund, 83125
  • Room number: P3110
  • Location: Östersund
  • Research centers: Risk and Crisis Research Centre
  • Employee in the subject: Political Science


Articles in journals

Zahariadis, N. , Ceccoli, S. & Petridou, E. (2021). Assessing the effects of calculated inaction on national responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy, vol. 12: 3, pp. 328-345.    

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Chapters in books

Prince, S. , Petridou, E. & Ioannides, D. (2021). Art Worlds in the Periphery : Creativity and Networking in Rural Scandinavia. In Creative Tourism in Smaller Communities : Place, Culture, and Local Representation. Calgary : University of Calgary Press. pp. 259-282.    

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Collections (editor)

Narbutaité Aflaki, I. (ed.) , Petridou, E. (ed.) & Miles, L. (ed.) (2015). Entrepreneurship in the Polis : Understanding Political Entrepreneurship. Aldershot : Ashgate

Conference papers

Petridou, E. , Becker, P. & Sparf, J. (2019). Entrepreneurial Bureaucrats : A Social Network Analysis of Lomma and Staffanstorp Municipalities, Sweden. In Proceedings.

Petridou, E. , Becker, P. & Sparf, J. (2019). Policy entrepreneurs and flood risk mitigation in Sweden : A structural analysis. In Proceedings.

Petridou, E. , Danielsson, E. , Große, C. , Lundgren, M. , Olofsson, A. & Röslmaier, M. (2018). Risk Communication : A Comparative Study of Eight EU Countries. Paper presented at the 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis Europe (SRA-E Conference 2018), Östersund, Sweden, June 18–20 2018.

Sparf, J. & Petridou, E. (2017). Virtual And Physical Immersion Classroom For Enhanced Learning In The Behavioural And Social Sciences. In INTED2017: 11TH INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE. (INTED Proceedings). pp. 6835-

Olausson, P. M. , Petridou, E. & Ioannides, D. (2016). Seeking resilience through tourism in Greenland : A cautious outlook in the risky era of climate change. Paper presented at the 10th ECPR General Conference, Prague, 7-10 September, 2016

Sparf, J. & Petridou, E. (2015). Tidal wave: critical junctures, political agency and the shift of crisis management policy in Sweden, 2004-2009. In NEEDS - The First Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies. University of Copenhagen, December 9-11, 2015.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Petridou, E. (2017). Political Entrepreneurship in Swedish : Towards a (Re)Theorization of Entrepreneurial Agency. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2017 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 252)  


Triantafyllopoulos, I. K. , Petridou, E. & Carawan, E. (2013). Graphē paranomōn, A TRANSLATION : Indictment for unlawful proposals (Translated from the 2nd ed 1962 by E. Petridou, notes by E. Carawan).  

Petridou, E. (2010). Closer look cases: Eureka Springs, AR: a destination reinvented through time; Travel Agents: the voice at the other end of the line; Southwest Airlines: "Often immitated, never duplicated"; Ask me no questions; Forks, Washington: Twilight Zone  These closer look cases are found in Ioannides, D and Timothy, DJ: Tourism in the USA: a spatial synthesis : Routledge..


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