Shiromini Gamage

Forskningsingenjör|Research Engineer


Articles in journals

Jiang, B. , Zhang, D. , Hu, X. , Söderlind, U. , Paladino, G. , Gamage, S. , Hedenström, E. , Zhang, W. & et al. (2023). Low-Grade Syngas Biomethanation in Continuous Reactors with Respect to Gas–Liquid Mass Transfer and Reactor Start-Up Strategy. Fermentation, vol. 9: 1  

Haller, H. , Paladino, G. , Dupaul, G. , Gamage, S. , Hadzhaoglu, B. , Norström, S. , Eivazi, A. , Holm, S. & et al. (2023). Polluted lignocellulose-bearing sediments as a resource for marketable goods—a review of potential technologies for biochemical and thermochemical processing and remediation. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, vol. 25, pp. 409-425.    

Conference papers

Dupaul, G. , Kristoffersson, L. , Paladino, G. , Hacioglu, B. , Gamage, S. , Eivazihollagh, A. , Haller, H. , Holm, S. & et al. (2020). Fiberbanks as substrate and feedstock for biological remediation : A practical analytical method development for organic pollutants analysis. In Book of Abstracts.

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