Syed-Ali Hassan

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Visiting Professor

Syed Ali Hassan received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA in 2011. He received his MS Mathematics from Georgia Tech in 2011 and MS Electrical Engineering from University of Stuttgart, Germany, in 2007. He was awarded BE Electrical Engineering (highest honors) from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan, in 2004. His broader area of research is signal processing for communications. Currently, he is working as a Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), NUST, where he is heading the IPT research group, which focuses on various aspects of theoretical communications. Prior to joining SEECS, he worked as a research associate at Cisco Systems Inc., CA, USA, where he was involved with the home networking business unit in devising efficient strategies for home networking. Dr. Hassan is a member of IEEE and IEEE Communications society, author/co-author of numerous IEEE conference and journal papers and a reviewer for many journals and transactions. He has organized sessions in IWCMC 2015, VTC 2015, Stemcom 2016 and WCNC 2016 among others. Dr. Hassan has chaired several sessions in international conferences and has served as a TPC member for IEEE Tencon 2012, IEEE ICET 2012, and IEEE IEISA 2012, IEEE PIMRC 2013, IEEE VTC 2013, WCSP 2014, MILCOM 2015, and so on.

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Area of interest

Wireless Communications
Signal Processing


Articles in journals

Cheema, M. A. , Shehzad, M. K. , Qureshi, H. K. , Hassan, S. & Jung, H. (2021). A Drone-Aided Blockchain-Based Smart Vehicular Network. IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print), vol. 22: 7, pp. 4160-4170.  

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Chapters in books

Zia-Ul-Mustafa, R. & Hassan, S. A. (2021). Machine-learning-enabled smart cities. In Communication Technologies for Networked Smart Cities. Institution of Engineering and Technology. pp. 231-251.

Conference papers

Ullah, S. A. , Zeb, S. , Mahmood, A. , Hassan, S. & Gidlund, M. (2022). Deep RL-assisted Energy Harvesting in CR-NOMA Communications for NextG IoT Networks. In 2022 IEEE GLOBECOM Workshops, GC Wkshps 2022 - Proceedings.. pp. 74--79.  

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Waqar, N. , Hassan, S. , Mahmood, A. , Gidlund, M. & Jung, H. (2021). Joint power and beamforming optimization of UAV-Assisted NOMA networks for B5G-enabled smart cities. In 6G-ABS 2021 - Proceedings of the 1st ACM Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies for Smart Cities with 6G, Part of ACM MobiCom 2021.. pp. 25--30.  

Akhtar, M. W. , Hassan, S. A. , Jung, H. & Pervaiz, H. (2021). On the Performance of Alamouti-Coded Cooperative NOMA with Imperfect Channel State Information. In 2021 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops, ICC Workshops 2021 - Proceedings.  

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