Lottie Jangdal

Proprefekt|Deputy head of department


Articles in journals

Jangdal, L. (2021). Hyperlocals Matter : Prioritising Politics When Others Don’t. Journalism Practice, vol. 15: 4, pp. 438-455.    

Jangdal, L. (2021). The Importance of Being Nearest : Audience Perceptions of Hyperlocal Media in Sweden. Problemi dell'informazione, vol. aprile: 1, pp. 3-27.  

Hujanen, J. , Dovbysh, O. , Jangdal, L. & Lehtisaari, K. (2021). Towards (Hyper)Local Public Sphere : Comparison of Civic Engagement across the Global North. Media and Communication, vol. 9: 3, pp. 74-84.    

Jangdal, L. , Cepaite Nilsson, A. & Stúr, E. (2019). Hyperlocal Journalism and PR : Diversity in Roles and Interactions. OBS - Observatorio, vol. 13: 1    

Jangdal, L. (2019). Local democracy and the media : Can hyperlocals fill the gap?. Nordicom Review, vol. 40: 2, pp. 69-83.    

Chapters in books

Nord, L. & Jangdal, L. (2022). Deciding what's news under pressure : A study of digital newsrooms work during crises. In The Challenges of the Digital Society in the Nordic Countries and in Spain : Democracy, Society and Culture. Madrid : Fragua. pp. 221-238.

Jangdal, L. & Wadbring, I. (2019). Det journalistiska innehållet. In På väg mot medievärlden 2030 : Journalistikens villkor och utmaningar. Lund : Studentlitteratur AB. pp. 189-209.

Jangdal, L. (2018). Från vovvar till valvaka : Varierande fokus på hyperlokala nyhetssajter. In Snabbtänkt : Reflektioner från valet 2018 av ledande forskare. Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, DEMICOM. pp. 98-.    

Conference papers

Jangdal, L. , Hujanen, J. , Lehtisaari, K. , Dovbysh, O. , Oivo, T. , Vikøren Andersen, I. & Hildur Kolbeins, G. (2023). The role of professional journalists in the issue of environment reporting : A comparative study from the Global North. Paper presented at the NordMedia, Bergen, Norge, 16-18 augusti 2023

Jangdal, L. (2022). A role model : Four perspectives for hyperlocals in the local media ecology. Paper presented at the Paper presented at ECREA 2022, 9th European Communication Conference, Rethink Impact, session: Journalistic role conceptions, Aarhus 19-21 october 2022.

Jangdal, L. , Hujanen, J. , Dovbysh, O. & Lehtisaari, K. (2021). Hyperlocal Media as Agents of the Local Public Sphere : A Comparison of Civic Engagement across the Global North. Paper presented at the International Communication Association (ICA): Engaging the Essential Work of Care: Communication, Connectedness, and Social Justice, Denver, Colorado (virtual) 27-31 May 2021

Hujanen, J. , Dovbysh, O. , Jangdal, L. & Lehtisaari, K. (2021). Towards (Hyper)Local Public Sphere : Comparison of Civic Engagement across the Global North. Paper presented at the 8TH EUROPEAN COMMUNICATION CONFERENCE 2021 ECREA, [DIGITAL], 6-9 september 2021

Jangdal, L. (2019). The watchdog that barks when needed. Paper presented at the NordMedia, Malmö, 21-23 August, 2019

Cepaite Nilson, A. , Stúr, E. & Jangdal, L. (2018). Survival of the fittest : The do’s and don’ts of hyperlocals. Paper presented at the Ecrea 2018, "Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation", Track: Local News: Covering and binding communities, Lugano, Schweiz, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2018

Cepaite Nilsson, A. , Stúr, E. & Jangdal, L. (2017). Filling a gap of information : Case of Convergence in municipalities when local media entrepreneurs take over communicating local news. Paper presented at the Euprera 2017, London, UK, "Public Relations and the Power of Creativity strategic opportunities, innovation and critical challenges", Track 4: Media Convergence, Boundary-Drawing and World-Making, Oct. 12-14, 2017  

Jangdal, L. (2017). Local Democracy and the Media : Can Hyperlocals Fill the Gap?. Paper presented at the NordMedia 2017, Mediated Realites – Global Challenges, Aug. 17-19, 2017, Tampere, Finland

Stur, E. , Cepaite-Nilsson, A. & Jangdal, L. (2016). Local News in a Changing Media Environment : Impact of Hyper-Local News -  Case of Swedish Local Media. In ECREA 2016 Abstract Book.  

Jangdal, L. , Nord, L. & Olsson, E. (2015). Crisis Reporting in the Digital Age : A Study of Swedish News Editors’ Perceptions. In NordMedia 2015 : Media Presence – Mobile Modernities. NordMedia, Aug. 13-15, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark.  

Nord, L. , Jangdal, L. & Olsson, E. (2015). Digital Newsroom Decisions : News Editors' Perceptions of Social Media as News Factor. Paper presented at the Nord Media Conference, Copenhagen, August 13-15, 2015

Doctoral theses

Jangdal, L. (2022). Hype or Hope? : The Democratic Values of Swedish Hyperlocals in the Media Ecology. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2022 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 374)  

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