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The Centre for research on Economic Relations (CER) conducts industry-oriented research on economic relations of companies and individuals, preferably in the banking, insurance, pension, audit and property industries.

The financial sector faces several challenges and current knowledge thus needs to be disseminated both within the research community and within the industry so that companies and organizations can influence the development in a positive way.

In order to achieve an active knowledge sharing, an important part of the operations is conducted in the form of an industry network with representatives from companies and organizations in the five focused industries. In the CER network’s different working groups, practitioners, researchers and students are able to exchange experiences and initiate joint research and other collaborative projects.
Behind the tabs in the menu to the left you will find the ideas behind the formation of CER, who support the work financially, how the operation is organized and how it is governed.

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Centre leader
Peter Öhman

Communication Officer
Lena E Burman