Lina Viklund

  • Department: Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE)
  • Telephone: 010-1428292
  • Email:
  • Room number: O222
  • Location: Sundsvall
  • Research centers: Fibre Science and Communication Network


Articles in journals

Viklund, L. , Bång, J. , Schroeder, M. & Hedenström, E. (2021). Identification of male produced compounds in the bark beetle Polygraphus subopacus and establishment of (Z)-2-(3,3-dimethylcyclohexylidene)-ethanol as an aggregation pheromone component. Chemoecology,    

Rahmani, R. , Wallin, E. , Viklund, L. , Schroeder, M. & Hedenström, E. (2019). Identification and Field Assay of Two Aggregation Pheromone Components Emitted by Males of the Bark Beetle Polygraphus punctifrons (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 45: 4, pp. 356-365.    

Viklund, L. , Rahmani, R. , Bång, J. , Schroeder, M. & Hedenström, E. (2019). Optimizing the attractiveness of pheromone baits used for trapping the four-eyed spruce bark beetle Polygraphus poligraphus. Journal of applied entomology, vol. 143: 7, pp. 721-730.