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Anke Peters


Articles in journals

Prince, S. , Ioannides, D. , Peters, A. & Chekalina, T. (2024). Tourists’ perceptions of wind turbines : conceptualizations of rural space in sustainability transitions. Tourism Geographies, vol. 26: 2, pp. 292-310.  

Peters, A. & Fuchs, M. (2023). A relational exploration of tourists’ environmental values and their perception of restrictions in protected nature. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, , pp. 1-18.  

Conference proceedings (editor)

Peters, A. (ed.) , Hübner, A. (ed.) , Godis, N. (ed.) , Setoodegan, P. (ed.) , Weliweriyage, S. (ed.) & Chekalina, T. (ed.) (2023). 31st Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research – Book of Abstracts. Östersund : Mid Sweden University (Rapportserien / European Tourism Research Institute 2023:1).  

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