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Conference papers

Fagerholm, A. , Göransson, K. , Haller, H. & Hedvall, P. (2022). What a Waste – A norm-critical study on how waste is understood and managed through integrating perspectives. In Book of Abstracts – The 28th Annual Conference,  International Sustainable Development Research Society “Sustainable Development and Courage. Culture, Art and Human Rights” 15-17 june 2022.. pp. 252--253.    

Hedvall, P. (2009). Towards the Era of Mixed Reality : Accessibility Meets Three Waves of HCI. In USAB 2009, HCI and Usability for E-Inclusion, Proceedings.. pp. 264--278.  

Hedvall, P. (2008). Xings for Augmented Family Communication. Paper presented at the ISCAR 2008

Ferreira, J. & Hedvall, P. (2006). Computer games as life quality for disabled players. Paper presented at the ICCHP 2006

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Hedvall, P. (2009). The Activity Diamond - Modeling an Enhanced Accessibility. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Lund University, 2009  

Licentiate theses, monographs

Hedvall, P. (2007). Situerad design för alla : till improvisationens lov. Lic. Lunds universitet, 2007  

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